【How to use a handkerchief】

Multicolored wrapping paper. 
Actually, handkerchief wrapping. 
As well as wiping your hands and putting on your knees, you can 
"wrap" with a little more ideas.


Plastic bottle to make you feel

Today is the day of an important presentation. 
Here's a suit that comes with 
pearl earrings and necklaces 
, wearing polished heels and 
checking the appearance of the entrance mirror. 

In the bag, 
to protect important documents and your favorite handkerchief.

you get to work, if you buy 
a fizzy drink from the usual shop, 
try putting your favorite piece on the clean desk . 
A pet bottle arrangement that has 
always been 
taught by seniors who give me strong advice I heard that I will 
take this amulet bottle to the game, 
and I am continuing.

The point is to show the initials outside and arrange them like ribbons so that 
they are easy to hold in the final twist 

When you are ready, take a deep deep breath and 
finally go to the conference room.

Lunch box arrangement

Today is a family outing in the park. 
I get up a little early and get excited about making a lunch box. 
A beautiful blue sky spreads out of the window. 
I love children, so fried and 
an apple shaped like a rabbit. 
Don't forget your favorite egg grill.

In the sunny holiday park, the 
lush grass is clearly visible, 
after playing a lot with soccer balls and badminton, we waited for lunch time. 
The lunch box was designed with a handkerchief and a cute handkerchief for the eldest son's favorite “hisuji” and the 
“rabbit” motif that the eldest daughter wants to keep . I am delighted to see the smiles of the children who enjoy the package .

Looking sideways, my husband smiles 
and enjoys this time. 
Well then, we will have the whole family together!

My own arrangement gift

◆ Call to your childhood home today. 
I tried to line up with the famous store of topic. 
I would like to 
devise another gift for my sweet-loving friend, and 
I will arrange for myself. 
The two dogs of dogs that are kept 
a handkerchief with the image prepared two, 
and tie shifted a little, respectively, 
dogs from the left and right as "Hello!" Is 
the wrapping, such as a glimpse of the face. 
I am looking forward to the expression I gave to you!

◆ I always had a 
delicious lunch for my senior who was always indebted . 
I want to thank you only for my heart, and I am 
looking for a present for coffee-loving seniors. 
I found a fashionable plastic bottle at a trendy cafe, 
so I tied a ribbon with a handkerchief so 
I tried to make it a gift! 
Add a message to a cat-loving senior, 
and put the feeling of "thank you" into the handkerchief