Actually, hemp and linen are different things. All linen handkerchiefs sold in CLASSICS the Small Luxury consist of pure linen.

Linen originates from a plant that blooms small petal of blue flowers, which is also known as flax.

The plant is widely used in cosmetic products, and the stems are just linen.

Image courtesy of Flax Corporation 
Flax is an annual herb that grows from May to August, and is widely grown in cold regions of Europe.


Linen 100% The Beginning Of Summer

The goodness of the linen is characterized by good water absorption and easy drying.

Among the good absorbent and wicking linens, the thin and soft 100-count fine linens produce a beautiful luster and shrill feeling.

Compared to cotton handkerchiefs, it can be stiff and wrinkly, place the linen in the water and feel the softness of the linen over time.

The cool linens give you a sense of the beginning of summer.