Sea Island Cotton

Sea island cotton is known as "the illusion of cotton"

In the 16th century, this rare cotton is adored by the Queen of England due to its soft texture and luster

Since then, British nobles have guarded their cotton for 200 years.

Sea Island Cotton

It can grow only in these limited five areas (Barbados, Antigua, Nevis, Jamaica, and Belize in the Caribbean)

The reason why the world's finest cotton can only be grown in this specific location is due to its climate. 
It has an annual sunshine of over 3,000 hours, an exquisite balance between the rainy and dry seasons which makes it the exceptional conditions for growing cotton.


Gentle, strong, beautiful and noble

This cotton feels like cashmere, it is silky and gleam.
The most desired feature of this cotton is the long thin fiber. 
The longer and thinner the fibers, the more flexible and stronger it become. 
In addition, this cotton is the most natural cotton and softest cotton of all.
Furthermore, the luster of this particular cotton is 50% higher than any other cottons.

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