True luxury... experience the quality for yourself

Blooming Nakanishi was founded in 1879 in the Nihombashi Ningyocho district  the heart of business and culture in the Edo period.
Building upon years of experience, Blooming Nakanishi opened a specialty boutique CLASSICS the Small Luxury in Roppongi Hills in 2003, dedicated to creating the best handkerchiefs in the world.

The name "CLASSICS" describes our desire to remain the finest and most distinctive, specialising in high quality handkerchiefs.  "Small Luxury" describes the pleasure one can get from personal items such as these. Our handkerchiefs are luxurious and can be enjoyed as fashionable accessories for many occasions.

Our designs are constantly refreshed to match the trend and the natural season in Japan. The finest fabric is selected for comfort to the touch. The meticulous handcrafting, luxurious fiber and its refined quality afford an irresistible feel against the skin.  

For the last 130 years, we have been building up the expertise and know-how to create fashionable, quality handkerchiefs and we believe it is our mission to provide delight to our clients through our products.



The ‘CLASSICS the Small Luxury’ handkerchiefs are made of the finest materials around the world such as Sea Island Cotton, Master Seed Cotton, organic cotton and linen. These fine yarns are woven in Japan by artisan weavers. The printed handkerchiefs are made of textiles that are screen-printed by hand for the best color and sheen. Its soft hem is carefully hand rolled by our experienced craftsmen. There is quite simply nothing else like our handkerchiefs.

In our boutique you can also enjoy the Japanese hospitality where we will gift wrap all of your purchases in our beautiful packages. 


The Personal Touch

Discover a world of personalized handkerchiefs; a signature of your style or a lucky charm for your loved ones.  At ‘CLASSICS the Small Luxury’ we have an extensive archive of lucky motifs collected from all over the world such as a ladybird and a horseshoe. You can also select motifs and symbols from our archives covering; music, sports, children and schools, on top of the thirty typefaces of monograms we offer.  Monograms can be embroidered in colors of your choice. Your own signature can also be embroidered.  Personalized handkerchiefs make great gifts for every occasion. 


A Piece of Couture

A luxury item that is personal to you can instantly lift up your spirit.  Each of our handkerchiefs are a piece of couture; beautiful, artistic and yet practical.  It is a work of art for everyday.

Our collections offer wide variety of designs and materials, from exquisite laces and crochets, hand printed textiles, to simple linen.  We have constant new arrivals but we always offer more than two hundred original designs created by our in-house designers and commissioned creators.

Tie one around your neck as a neckerchief, adorn your handbag, let it peep out of your breast pocket...there are many ways to enjoy our handkerchiefs.  We hope you will enjoy the true luxury we provide.