No matter if it’s for everyday use or for wedding favours, our embroidery service allows you to create a handkerchief that expresses your individuality or feelings of gratitude that words cannot fully convey.

At CLASSICS the Small Luxury, you can personalise your favourite handkerchief with your very own signature and illustrations. You can also choose from a wide variety of embroidered initials and motifs (animals, constellations, etc) to make that piece one of a kind. (edited)

one of a kind, always by your side ....

Initial Embroideryイニシャル刺繍について

There are a total of 33 fonts available. Choose your favorite font according to
your preference or the image of the person sending it.

* Font types differ between stores and online boutiques
Stores: 33 types.
Online boutique: 11 types

List of fonts:

 A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z   ABC   123


These "lucky charms" ward off bad luck and attract good luck


We collected bodyguard motifs that exist around the world.

From familiar to odd ones, these motifs are believed to bring good luck to owners and protect them from bad luck.

Get your handkerchief embroidered with bodyguard motifs and carry it with you.

One motif / ¥ 600 to ¥ 700 + tax

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Good Luck Safety Love Success Properity Health Victory Education Success



Embroider the designs you desire, such as your own hand writings, messages, children's drawings, etc.

※ Size: 40 × 40 mm / 15 × 50 mm (vertical and horizontal freedom)

※ Type fee: ¥ 2,000 + tax

※ Embroidery fee: once / ¥ 600 + tax

※ Thread color: You can choose up to two colors.

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Embroidery order procedure

In order to keep our customers happy at the storefront, we offer counter seat service in order to serve our customer one by one to fulfill their request and keep them satisfied.

Our Concierge representative who is familiar with the handkerchief will make embroidery proposals that meet your needs and requirements.



1. Choose a handkerchief
There are hundreds of different handkerchiefs for you to choose fromハンカチーフを選ぶ


2. Choose a font
You can choose from 33 types of fonts and 100 types of icons such as bodyguard motif symbols.フォントを選ぶ


3. Choose a thread color
You can choose from 24 colors. (bodyguard motifs thread color excluded)糸色を選ぶ
4. Determine the embroidery position
You can place it in your favorite position on the handkerchiefs.刺繍オーダー終了後
5. After you placed your order, kindly wait for a moment while we finish up the embroidery.
You can either pick up at the store or we can ship it to your address.


Estimated Embroidery Time

Roppongi Hills main storeNihonbashi Ningyocho storeMarunouchi storeKobe Motomachi storeFukuoka Ohorikoen store

1 to 2 handkerchiefs : 1 to 2 hours

6 or more handkerchiefs : 3 hours or more

10 or more handkerchiefs : Later


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Ship after 3-5 business days after receiving your order