We accept orders at the counter seat in order to satisfy our customers at the storefront.

Our concierge will make embroidery proposals that meet your needs.



1. Choose a handkerchief
There are hundreds of different handkerchiefs for you to choose fromハンカチーフを選ぶ


2. Choose a font
You can choose from 33 types of fonts and 100 types of icons such as bodyguard motif symbols.フォントを選ぶ


3. Choose a thread color
You can choose from 24 colors. (Bodyguard motifs thread color are excluded)糸色を選ぶ
4. Determine the embroidery position
You can place it in your favorite position on the handkerchiefs.刺繍オーダー終了後
5. After you placed your order, kindly wait for a moment while we finish up the embroidery.
You can either pick up at the store or we can ship it to your address.刺繍オーダー終了後